VMAT-203 MCAS Cherry Point 2008 VMA-214 OIF Tour 2004
VMA-542 OIF Tour 2007/2008

The Blacksheep of VMA-214 and the Tigers of VMA-542 were deployed to Al
Asad Air Base, Iraq in support of OIF during 2004 and 2007/2008 respectively.

VMAT-203 is the Marine Corps training squadron for the AV-8B Harrier.

This sheet covers seven aircraft from these squadrons as they appeared
during their combat tours and training operations.

Markings for ejection seats, chaff/flare buckets and full airframe stencils are

Research by the Flying Leathernecks with outstanding help from the following
Marines and individuals:

LtCol Blot - VMAT-203
LtCol Sisson - VMA-542
LtCol Dunne - VMA-542
Maj Wells - VMA-542
Maj Hunting - VMAT-203
SSgt Walton - VMA-542 Ordnance
Cpl Reyes - VMA-542 Airframes
Norris Graser - VMA-214 Photos