We have included enough complete sets of stencils for the
AV-8B Harrier to allow you to model three options from our
Jumpin' Jarheads sheet.

These markings were drawn based on dozens of photos
(some samples below) of every stencil applied to the jet, as
well as information taken from A1-AV8BB-SRM-500, which is
the Structural Repair/Corrosion Control Manual for the AV-8B.

We also measured each marking and scaled them based on
these measurements. If a marking is 2.25 inches long on the
real aircraft, our decal scales to 2.25 inches in 1/48!

Also available from Orion Scale Models:

OMV48003 AV-8B Canopy Det Cord

Made from self adhesive light grey vinyl, this is a simple and
cord on the Harrier