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As the V-22 Osprey continues to prove itself in combat and expand its numbers in US
Marine Corps service, there has been a growing number of modelers who have wanted
to add a current machine to their finished model collection.

While Italeri updated their kit a few years ago, there hasn't been anything else in the
way of after market save a wheel/tire set from Royale Resin.

Flying Leathernecks is proud to bring you the first dedicated decal sheet for V-22
Osprey's operated by the US Marine Corps! We have included markings for 10 different
airframes from VMX-22 (1), VMMT-204 (1), VMM-162 (2), VMM-261 (3), and VMM-263 (3).

VMM-162 was the first operational squadron in the Marine Corps, while VMM-263 was
the first to take them into combat when they deployed to Al Asad Air Base, Iraq in 2007.
We have covered these two squadrons as they appeared at those specific times.

Like most of our other sheets before this, almost all of the references were provided by
the squadron, or full access to the aircraft was provided and authorized by the
squadrons Commanding Officer and/or Maintenance Officer.

We would like to thank the following for their help:

LtCol Paul "Rocket" Rock, Commanding Officer VMM-263
SSgt Creighton Henthorn
All of the Maintenance Marines from VMX-22, VMMT-204, VMM-162 and VMM-261

Semper Fidelis!