FL48013 Devil Dog Deltas $25.00

This sheet was a massive undertaking with numerous Marines
involved in its creation!

We have been able to bring you, with the assistance of these Marines,
the most accurate markings of all five current Marine Corps F/A-18D
squadrons Commanding Officers jets. The sixth squadron,
VMFA(AW)-332 is currently in
Cadre Status, so we provided markings
for one of their low vis Operation Allied Force jets.

Complete stencils for two aircraft included, all drawn from
measurements of the 1/1 markings and information provided by
A1-F18AC-SRM-500 Aircraft Corrosion Control Manual for the

Those responsible:

Col Mullin - VMFA(AW)-533 (Former Commanding Officer)
Capt Derakshan - VMFA(AW)-242
LCpl Pelletier - VMFA(AW)-242 Corrosion Control
LtCol Folgate - VMFA(AW)-225 Commanding Officer
LtCol Clatterbuck - VMFA(AW)-224 Commanding Officer
Maj Jeneau - VMFA(AW)-224 Maintenance Officer
Maj Connell - VMFA(AW)-121
CWO3 Berghuis - VMFA(AW)-121 Avionics Officer
SSgt Cudnohufsky - VMFA(AW)-121 Airframes SNCOIC
LCpl Frasier - VMFA(AW)-121 Corrosion Control
Rick McConnell - CCF Manager, MCAS Beaufort